The Entrance Into “Deserted Lighthouse”-The Meaning, The Purpose, The Goal

Hello, people! First of all, I would like to explain you the meaning of “Deserted Lighthouse”. You all know the  definition of lighthouse, but in my case, there is nothing there material or touchable. My Deserted Lighthouse belongs only to me, and i bet that each one of us have their own, probably under a different name.

It is a hidden place in my mind, created for the purposes of storing and recalling thoughts and memories that probably, in normal circumstances, would not be shared with the others. I hope that some of you would remember Dumbledore’s Pensieve of Hogwarts from a Harry Potter movie serial. Deserted Lighthouse is something like that, an instrument I created in my mind to keep thoughts and memories deep inside.

For sure, we all  have certain memories that will be buried with us. From now on, this will be a place where I will share my forbidden memories and personal thoughts, a place where I will create my own virtual “Deserted Lighthouse”. You are probably wondering why i want to share private things with the whole internet community. Well, it is because i want to gather the people who wants to do the same thing- to share their memories and thoughts. That is the goal of the Deserted Lighthouse.

I will start, and you are welcomed to join me and create something remarkable.

Greetings to you all!